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This Friday me and my friends have our dodgeball tournament! I can’t wait for it! We did it last year, we didn’t win but it was so fun. Also last year we were the super babes but this year our team is called the granny apples! It will be so fun! See you there!

Christmas time!

My family does something a little different events each Christmas Eve. Every Christmas Eve since I can remember we have gotten together for Seider’s Christmas. Me my family and Sallie Ann’s family all go to my grandma’s house waiting anxiously to see our presents. It is so great it is like we get 2 Christmas’s each year. What more could I ask for. What family traditions do you do with your family a Christmas time?



Despair is a midnight black

And it tastes of sour milk.

It reeks of burning coal

And feels like a peace keeper’s arm ripping your sister away.

It sounds like Effie Trinkets voice announcing your sister’s, the only person you love’s name.

It looks like walking off and knowing you will never come back.

Despair is the last flicker of a burning candle.

By: Chandler, Sallie Ann, and Arisha

Zip Lining!

As my feet released it’s grip from the platform the butterfly’s in my stomach took flight. I saw the bright green trees, they looked as if it was a perfect photograph still and vivid but this was real. I felt the sun beating on my back. The air was thick which made it feel more like I was in the clouds. And in that moment I had never felt so free.

Spanish Alphabet

In Spanish class right no we are working on learning the alphabet! We had to sing it in front of the class and I went first and nailed it! I am in Ms.Craft’s class here. Is a link to her website!

All about me!

Hi my name is Chandler. I live in Austin, Texas. I love to travel. Next summer I’m going to Paris, Maui, Haiti, and camp in Hunt Texas. I also enjoy sewing painting dancing and playing with my dog; which is hard because she only sleeps. Bye! Hope you learned a lot about me!

The Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Werner Kunz via Compfight

My Best Friend.

Of course Sallie Ann is my first BFF but my second is furry and walks on 4 legs. Its Maggie, my dog! She is a smart dog in my opinion. When I am sad she knows and she will cuddle up next to me. I even think she knows some English words. When ever I say food she gets excited! She is also very sweet she has never bitten anybody before. I got her one Christmas a long time ago and her sister but she died 2 summers ago and my heart broke into 2. Maggie was so deepest she wasn’t even excited when I got her leash out. At least she is in doggie heaven now.  So in the big picture I couldn’t live without Maggie!

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